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Thanks for visiting Simple Green Smoothies. If you have a question regarding a specific recipe, please ask your question in the comments section at the bottom of the recipe post. If you have another question (or just want to say hello!) please feel free to send us a message below. Please note that we are unable to give personalized health advice or guidance.

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How do I update Rawk the Year membership?

Log into Rawk the Year as usual, then simply click your name in the upper right hand corner of the page. From there you can edit your profile, update your password, change your subscription level and get support through articles and video tutorials.

When will my order arrive?

Have a question about a purchase you made or a challenge you signed up for? Email us for the best response and include your order # if possible to help us find it quickly.

Email us at

We work super hard to reply within 24 hours, Monday through Friday each week.

If what you purchased was digital, please check your spam/junk and (Gmail) promotional folders; it’s crazy all the emails that get stuck there! If your purchase was for physical product(s) and you’re not seeing an email from us with tracking info, it’s possible it hasn’t shipped just yet. Again – be sure to check your spam, junk or promotions folder for tracking info as it becomes available.

Do you have a health concern?

I am not a medical professional— I’m a mom who accidentally became a food blogger to spread my love of green smoothies. Yet I also love to do research and have transformed my health by eating more plants. I have also personally heard from thousands of rawkstars who have experienced incredible results by going plant-based through our challenges and cleanses. So while I cannot give medical advice, I can happily share what I have experienced.

FAQs related to health

Have a question about a recipe?

The best way to get a response regarding a recipe on my blog is to comment on the actual blog post. We check this often and have seen how beneficial your questions or feedback on recipes can be for all.

Want to share our recipe?

You are free to use one image from any post on for website purposes to promote our content (such as in a recipe roundup) as long as you provide a link back to the original post for the recipe. Please provide photo credit to “Simple Green Smoothies” or “Jen Hansard, Simple Green Smoothies.”

All other uses are not allowed. Please contact us at the email listed above for licensing inquiries.

Republishing of recipes from Simple Green Smoothies is NOT allowed without permission.

Interested in a brand partnership?

We only work with brands that believe in quality, passion and integrity. We turn down 99% of requests each year, yet when we find a match, it’s golden! From blenders to nut milks to frozen berries, we love creating content that inspires our community 1 million strong and raises brand awareness for you too.

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